Junior Linkster Tour - Canada

August 2021


Current conditions regarding COVID and the PANDEMIC has obviously had an impact over these

last two years. We are not able to consider operations this year 2021!  When things return to 

normal hopefully by 2022 we will plan to return to our schedule that will be similar to what was done in 2019.

Harry's friends who operated the Junior linkster Program in 2019 will still be in place to continue. 

The Directors of the Harry White Junior linkster Golf Society are Rich Newell, Brad Newell, Nitro Rite,

John Patrick, James Ivers and Bruce Main.

Fortunately all the local golf courses have reopened during this pandemic, I understand that demand is higher than

it ever has been. This is considered good news for the Golf industry. Hopefully it also means good

news for all golfers. Having said that all golf courses in our Zone 4, part of Golf BC have had increases

in membership, therefore the private Golf Clubs are all restricting their operations to members only, no guests.  

I am told that the demand for tee times at Pitch & Putt courses is also overwhelming. We will keep you informed of the activity when

we are ready to roll!







4 yrs ago
This year the Little Masters is being operated by the Maple Leaf Juniot Tour by Mr Murray Poje. the Harry Whitle Little Masters at Kings Links in Delta will be held August 12 and 13th. Go to www.maplejt.com/tour.php?prov=BC...
Opportunity for Junior Golfers
5 yrs ago
The Optimist International Junior Golf Championships is one of the largest and best-known juniortournaments in the world. Each year more than 650 golfers participate in THE OPTIMIST. Participants from British...
2017 Junior Linkster Golf Tour Awards Dinner and Optimist Youth Appreciation Night
6 yrs ago
Junior Linkster Golf Photo Gallery 2017 Thank you all so very much for your participation and kind regards. We are grateful to the management of Newlands Golf and Country Cubs Championship and Executive...
Harry White's Little Masters Championship update
6 yrs ago
The MJT Harry White Little Masters at Kings Links by the Sea in Delta is being held on August 12 and 13th 2019. A 36 hole tournament this year. Enter this tournament through www.maplejt.com/tour.php?prov=BC The...
Latest Results
Queen Elizabeth Pitch & Putt Vancouver
September 14
Boys 10-11
Van Alstine. L (+8)
Chen. Z (+15)
Rai. A (+32)
Boys 8-9
Li. M (+16)
Foley. J (+20)
Thom. M (+20)
Boys 5-7
Lum. R (+26)
Lewko. G (+19)
Aujla. A (+21)
Girls 10-11
Yu. Z (+13)
Pagtakhan. M (+26)
Johnston. C (+28)
Girls 8-9
Shi. E (+26)
Fan. G (+35)
Lam. N (+48)
Girls 5-7
Li. B (+41)
ZHU. C (+42)
Deng. A (+47)
Rupert Park Pitch & Putt
August 10
Boys 10-11
SONG. J (+20)
Greene. A (+24)
Li. H (+26)
Boys 8-9
Khademi. I (+12)
Lotay. J (+12)
Yiu. I (+15)
Boys 5-7
Aujla. A (+26)
Zhou. A (+27)
Fontanilla. N (+34)
Girls 10-11
Yu. Z (+10)
Johnston. C (+36)
Girls 8-9
Sidhu. A (+25)
Kwok. A (+30)
Fan. G (+36)
Girls 5-7
Shi. E (+28)
Kato. M (+41)
Li. B (+41)
Ambleside Pitch & Putt - West Vancouver
June 8
Boys 10-11
Chen. Z (+4)
Scheffer. I (+25)
Siggs. B (+26)
Boys 8-9
Lotay. J (+6)
Shiina. R (+14)
Li. M (+14)
Boys 5-7
Rociasco. S (+21)
Zhou. A (+27)
Aujla. A (+30)
Girls 10-11
Karlgren. H (+5)
Pagtakhan. M (+23)
Johnston. C (+33)
Girls 8-9
Kwok. A (+35)
Girls 5-7
Deng. A (+44)
Li. B (+45)
Current Rankings
Junior Linkster Tour - Canada
2019 Season
As of 5/15/2019 8:57:13 PM
Girls 5-7
1 - Fan. G
2 - Deng. A
Boys 8-9
1 - Shiina. R
2 - Lotay. J
3 - Zhang. L
4 - Li. M
T5 - Yiu. I
Girls 8-9
1 - Sidhu. A
2 - Tao. J
3 - Fan. G
4 - Siggs. K
Boys 5-7
1 - Rociasco. S
2 - Ly. N
3 - Johnston. C