Mission/Cedar Ridge GC - Zelizney Cup (Ages 9-18) 2 days
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Cedar Ridge and Mission registration has been fixed.

Please register now, however if your childs birthdate is after March 8, 2007 you will need my help.  Call me and I will help you until August 24, 2016.   I will not be available to register anyone from Aug. 25th to Aug. 27th, as I will be in meetings, away form my computer until Monday of next week.

Phill 778-898-0237

includes warm-up balls 
TAKE 41st, 25th & 33rd TO DUNBAR &

You can help us by doing the following:
  1. Registering before the deadline...
    when you are late, we lose twenty  to forty minutes for each late entry
  2. trophies need to be ordered five days in advance
  3. prises need to be purchased
  4. tee times & occasional lunches need to be confirmed early
  5. this is our busy time so it is more important then ever to help us in any way that you can
  6. good habits are great servants

We all can make it easier for everyone if you would please plan at least one week ahead. If WE do not plan 6 to 10 months ahead there would be no tournament to be had. 



Reg. Deadline

Valley Golf Centre Jr. Open (Ages 9-18)
"June-24-2016 Midnight
EQ Coyote Creek GC (Ages 5-18)
"June-25-2016 Midnight
Meridian GC Jr-Divot #2 (Ages 5-18)
"June-28-2016 Midnight
Optimist Fred Wellsby Jr. Invitational (Ages 9-18)
"01-01-2016 Midnight
West Richmond GC (Ages 5-10)
"July-04-2016 Midnight
Greenacres GC Jr-Divot #3 Rmd (Ages 5-18)
"July-06-2016 Midnight
Westwood Plateau Academy GC (Ages 9-18)
"July-08-2016 Midnight
Country Meadows GC Jr-Divot #4 (Ages 5-18)
"July-13-2016 Midnight
Panorama Links @ Birdies & buckets (Ages 5-10)
"July-15-2016 Midnight
Little Masters - 72 holes (Ages 5-18)
"August-03-2016 Midnight
Kensington GC (Ages 5-10)
"August-15-2016 Midnight
Mission-Cedar Ridge GC - Zelizney Cup  2 days
"01-01-2016 Midnight
Delta Golf Course(Ages 9-18)
"September-06-2016 Midnight
Central Park GC (Ages 5-10)
"September-12-2016 Midnight
Fall Match Play - 36 Holes (Ages 5-18)
"September-24-2016 Midnight
Optimist Walk for Youth Walk-a-thon
"November-06-2016 Midnight
Birdies&Buckets (5-18)
'November-28-2016 Midnight

– Aug 8-11 – $90.00 Non-members addon $20.00  (Jr. Linkster Membership Not Required.)  
More information  www.jrlinkstertour.com  
Photo Gallery . Jr. Linkster Tour Canada (JLTC) is organized to promote and assisting young golfers in achieving their goals through the motto of “ Learn - Play - Compete.
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British Columbia’s Optimist Junior Linkster Tour (www.jrlinkstertour.com) will host the 2016 Little Masters. The 72 holes multi-day fun tournament will take place on August 10th - 13th 2016 where Boys and Girls ages 5-17 will showcase their golfing talents to the world at the participating golf courses – Musqueam GC, Langley GC, Newlands GC, Sunshine Woods GC and the finals to be held at King’s Links by the Sea in Delta, BC.  (54-Hole Cut to Top 48)

Locations and Times


Round 1

Musqueam Golf and Learning Academy

Monday, August 8

8:00 am (Shot Gun Start)





Round 2

Langley Golf Centre

Tuesday, August 9

9:30 am (Ages 4 – 10)






Newlands Golf Club

Tuesday, August 9

1:30 pm (Ages 11 – 18)





Round 3

Sunshine Woods Golf Club

Wednesday, August 10

12:00 pm





Final Round

The Kings Links by the Sea

Thursday, August 11

1:00 pm

Note: Start times are subject to change.

How You Can Help Junior Linkster Golf
-  All Donations Earn “Junior Linkster Golf Points”
- "Volunteer Your Time for various Tour Activities
- Donate Product, Prizes or Funds


Contact: Phillip L Hansen plh@optimistvanbc.com

Secure PayPal Donations

Contact: Harry White, CYGA jrlinkster@shaw.ca

Little Masters International Championship


Photo Gallery 

Jr. Linkster Tour Canada (JLTC) is organized to promote and assisting young golfers in achieving their goals through the motto of Learn. Play. Compete.

We incorporate the values of optimism as a philosophy of life utilizing the tenets of The Optimist Creed. The following are the five keys:

  • To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind.
  • To think only the best, to work only for the best and to expect only the best.
  • To forget the mistakes of the past and press on to the greater achievements of the future.
  • To be just enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own.
  • To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble.

The goal of Jr. Linkster Tour Canada is to conduct high quality junior golf playing and competition experiences. We take pride in the quality of players, host facilities, sponsors and a broad community involvement.  Our objective is to offer “Affordable Golfing Opportunities” and to give as much support to young golfers through grass root golf development. This has been the guiding principle for the Tour throughout its existence.

We offer Jr. Linkster Tour throughout the season, Little Masters™ Skills Challenge competition and the annual Little Masters™ International Championship. We take pride of both Little Masters™ and the Jr. America's Cup. Our plan in the near future is to host annual Jr. Linkster Alumni Fund Raising Oar 3 Challenge Event for the Tour and for the prestigious Jr. America's Cup. In 2014, we hosted the 42nd Jr. America's Cup here in Vancouver. A team of four individual qualified players represented the Province of British Columbia. 

As for the Tour, age divisions are 4-6, 7-8, 9-10, 11-12, 13-15 and 16-18 for both boys and girls.  The 9 to 10 age group can now have opportunities to play at mid sized one day courses and at some regulation courses with certain permission.   

The 48th Little Masters™ International Championship is to be held from August 8 to 11, 2016. This is an open event, and no membership is needed. The 2016 tour schedule offers much excitement and golf playing opportunities.

The 2016 JLTC membership is $50.00 Additional family member is $25.00 for each individual player. This required fee supports the Tour which, is dedicated to Junior Golf. Full Membership Program can be obtained under Instructions. Pre-registration is free of charge. Membership includes player's profile and access to ShotStat Premium and ShotStat Elite. 

Phillip Hansen Harry White
Tournament Manager Chairman & Golf Mentor
  • Zone 4 Interclub Golf Committee
  • King of Floors
  • Nitro Golf Academy
  • Junior America
  • Burnaby Senior Men
  • Vancouver Parks & Recreation
  • Birdies & Buckets
  • Canadian Junior Golf Association
  • Yogi Golf
  • Optimist Friends of Youth